Sean's Musings as a Service

Sean's Musings as a Service

About Me

Director with Perficient in the Cloud and DevOps practice supporting foundational technical capabilities of change configuration, source code management, build management, integration testing, and release management keep me to seeking the golden path of continuous delivery.

Long Version

Attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst to study Physics and ended up receiveing a Bacelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Once I actually started my classes I found programming and Computer Science much more interesting.

Joined IBM in 2005 to work in the ClearQuest support and development organizations, providing highly technical support and product defect resolution, patch, and delivery to clients. Made the transition to development full time in 2006 to manage maintenance backlog, high level support issues, and customer facing discussions as an extension of the product manager for both ClearCase and ClearQuest. In this time I successfully drove the backlog from 48+months down to 12 months and was involved in the effort to expose Rational internal defects and enhancement requests to our clients for the first time since Rational was acquired by IBM.

After this I was a leading member of development facing team called the Customer Response Team tasked with providing deep technical support to critical clients and issues in the change and configuration management space. In this role, I was responsible for ClearQuest, ClearCase, and managing the engagements between the development labs, support, and the sales team.

In 2009, this role grew significantly to encompass all of the Rational Brand and became a member of a development and services based organization made up of thought leaders and subject matter experts. In this role focus area is still around Change and Configuration management but has also grown to include Software Delivery Automation, Build Automation, Development-Operations support (DevOps), Continuous Integration, Deployment and Topology Modeling, and Continuous Delivery.

In 2012, I took an opportunity to move to Australia and work in a pre-sales role. This was a great experience to see what it is like “on the ground” it was an eye opening experience to see how much of a bubble surrounded our normaly development view of what customers want. So having a taste of the real-world is like was a refreshing experience of what it really takes to make the difference between a high performing pro-active development team and a lack luster re-active development teams. My goal is to be part of the change back into my team upon my return.

My primary area of expertise is not just on how to use the tools, but how to adopt them in conjunction with different development methodologies, and paradigm shifts like Agile, DevOps(Continuous Delivery), Infrastructure-as-Code, and other leading edge technologies.

Spent some time abroad in Australia working as the regional Technical Sales lead for the DevOps space from Dec 2012- Dec 2014. While I have regularly been traveling internationally for individual engagements, having a significant time aboard was a great chance to really have to adapt to a different culture and be more open minded and accepting of differences.

In 2016, I took on more of a leadership role and joined Perficient, a software services provider and IBM partner, as a Senior Solution Architect in the Cloud and DevOps practice. In 2017 I doubled down on leading and moved to a Director role and taking a more active role in leading and growing the practice.