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Sean's Musings as a Service

IBM Bluemix in 5 minutes

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IBM Bluemix is the current generation of development and runtime tooling provided by IBM to support current best of breed microservices style application design, develop, and run models that are emerging as the go to standard for organizations big and small. In my previous role in technical sales for Australia and New Zealand I was just starting to see the AP market adopting these technologies in my new role back in North America we are a bit further along for many organizations and it is a matter of understanding what applications you already have out there and figuring out how to run them at scale and with more consistency across the organization.

Here are some high-level bullets for the 30 thousand foot view of what is Bluemix and where does it fit in your current organization or future development models.

  1. IBM’s investement in supporting microservices delivery model
  • Built on SoftLayer
  • Support WW distributed delivery and fault tolerance
  • Simplified commercial models for pay as you go usage
  1. Open Technologies and Best Practices
  • Cloud Foundry / Docker / OpenStack
  • IaaS and PaaS
  • Self-service model
  1. Streamlined development runtime
  • Built in development tooling and delivery pipeline Out of the Box(OOTB) or Bring your Own Tools v(BYOT)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Read to transiton directly to production
  • Support for organizational structures ( costing, monitoring, reporting, user administration)
  1. Ready for production work
  • Integrated third party services
  • Multi-homed data center hosting
  • Out of the box monitoring
  • Auto-Scaling
  1. Examples alread available for doing real work
  • Popular open source and commercial runtimes
  • Bluemix for iOS development kit is available ( Apple/IBM partnership )
  • Cast-Iron support for exposing systems of record securely to Bluemix applications
  • Big Data
  • Watson