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IBM Australia DevOps Webinar Series

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Helped to put together a webinar series held in Australia just before I migrated back to the US. This is a four part webinar corresponding to the four entry points to DevOps defined by IBM. Shameless plug since I ended up delivering the second session as well :)

DevOps Webinar Series - Part 1 of 4: Steer 1

John Macleod John H Macleod - Consulting Architect IBM® Australia

Delivered - Tuesday, 11 November 2014 @ 3pm AEDT | 5pm NZDT


When we talk about Steer, we’re simply referring to how organizations can adapt and align business strategies and their software portfolio decisions based on early customer feedback.

In this webcast, we will demonstrate the need to continuously plan, measure, and bring business strategy and customer feedback into the software development lifecycle. We will show that by continually adjusting and measuring, your organization will not only be able to change direction, it will be able to do so with increased agility.

The outcome of this approach will help ensure that your investments remain aligned with your organization’s overall strategy, analysis and planning.

DevOps Webinar Series - Part 2 of 4: Develop and Test2

Sean G Wilbur Sean Wilbur - Solution Architect IBM® Australia

Delivered - Tuesday, 25 November 2014 @ 3pm AEDT | 5pm NZDT


Collaborative development and continuous testing help a business idea evolve into a high quality software solution by applying lean principles, collaboration among stakeholders, and striking the optimal balance between quality and time to market. So in this session, we will share how establishing a solid development and testing strategy can help organisations remove unnecessary project risk, reduce costs and ensure teams stay productive.

If you want to deliver quality software faster by streamlining development and accelerating testing, don’t miss this webinar.

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DevOps Webinar Series - Part 3 of 4: Deploy3

Coming Soon - To be announced


Release better software more often and at reduced cost In this session of our Devops Webcast Series we will cover how our Release and Deployment Solutions enable greater speed and frequency for the delivery of complex mobile, cloud, web-based and traditional applications with reduced cost and risk and increased quality.

See how these solutions can drive down costs and eliminate waste while increasing speed to market through repeatable deployment processes. In addition we will show how we can reduce risk by delivering higher quality application releases with increased compliance and transparent end-to-end processes.

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DevOps Webinar Series - Part 4 of 4: Operate4

Coming Soon - To be announced


In our final DevOps Webcast session, we will look at how you can achieve service levels with better visibility and continuous feedback across the entire software lifecycle. Gather visual evidence to understand the full context of your web or mobile users’ experience, and then analyse their behaviour and pinpoint their struggles so you can prioritize improvements.

We will further examine how your organisation can manage and optimise application and infrastructure performance in traditional IT, virtualized, cloud, and hybrid environments while having the visibility, control, and automation you need to manage complex and interdependent applications.

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