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Pillars of Agile Success Presentation for ACS

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ACS Event - Agile SIG: Pillars of Agile Success 20-Nov-2013 17:30 - 19:00 @ CIT in Caberra, ACT

Get the presentation in PDF format here –> Pillars of Agile Presentation on SpeakerDeck

Pillars of Agile Success

At the heard of successful agile development teams are highly skilled and highly motivated individuals working towards clear and common goals. In order for agile organizations to continuously deliver on their objectives, they need practices and tools to scale this beyond the team level, a few key pillars to this are:

  • Agile Architecture
  • Collaborative tools
  • Automation

Agile Architecture

Topics around “evolutionary architecture and design” approaches. The short version of why going agile doesn’t mean that you no longer need architecture:

  • What is Agile Architecture and what is the difference between this approach and conventional design and development practices
  • What is a recommended practice for just enough traceability across the lifecycle
  • What are the kinds of architectural and design expressions suitable for “just enough” design
  • How do we still support generating or creating formal models from the informal expressions for enabling more advanced model driven development workflows like code generation and model transforms

Collaborative tools

Agile is about people and the key to your success is the people involved, but as we move from classroom agile to the real world scaling factors begin to break the agile best practices. Tooling is a necessary enabler to support agile activities and not a replacement for discipline and best practices but a way to enact them at scale. A few key concepts to consider for your tooling to support your teams:

  • Real time planning
  • Transparency / Visibility
  • Traceability
  • Development Intelligence
  • In context Information


No agile team can succeed without automation support, regardless of the complexity of the problem, difficulty in achieving it automation is essential to closing the feedback loop as quickly as possible. This session will cover some key areas of interest here to see the discussion and close with view of what Nirvana looks like.

  • Types of automation in Code, Build, Testing, Provisioning, Deployment
  • Examples of automation
  • Nirvana state of Automate Everything

Update post the session: Had a great session in Canberra, thanks to ACS for hosting the event it is always fun to meet with teachers and implementers to help bring what experience and opinions I may have to help start new discussions and share ideas. Uploading a copy of the presentation as well for others to review.