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Rooting and flashing my Altrix 2 to Cynogenmod

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** Caution with skull and cross bones, these are just my notes, keep in mind the standard warning applies here and doing these types of things will void your warranty and potentially brick your phone. **

Keep in mind that this is a complex process and the details are important so do your homework. I recommend a few good sane things to do as you will find in the common resources on the internet searching Android forums12 and blogs34. The advice generally boils down to back understand why you might want to root5, backing up your apps and data,

  1. Root your phone

Now that it has been out for a while, this is pretty easy, there is a motofail binary you use adb to push a few files to your device and it is automagically rooted! Check out this post for more details6.

  1. Back your ROM, Data, and Apps

The de facto app is called “ROM Manager”, unfortunately for me, the Atrix 2 is not a supported device, fortunate for me others have already sorted out how to get it on there.

Couple of examples, same problem link to bootstrap is dead…

Mirror link to bootstrap for Atrix 2: (See XDA post and thank you to jm2k7 -

So now this will allow CWM to work, now you need to find a ROM image. Another one from a Chinese Developer: [ROM][DEV][CM10] Unofficial CyanogenMod10 Port for Atrix2(edison)update 2012-10-11