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Installation of Automation Framework or Build Forge on OpenSuse 11.4 x64

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A pretty standard installation, but bear in mind that this is not a supported configuration, so if you have purchased either of these products I would only consider using OpenSuse for testing as you could be on your own for OS related issues.

So the challenge here is the underlying dependency on a 32 bit core engine, so there is a need for 32 bit database drivers which can be difficult to get right.

This example is using the default MySQL 5.x provided on the OpenSuse 11.4 DVD since my internet connection is being pretty terrible at the moment I did all these steps in a Virtual Box image with two NICs one host only networking, the second a NAT interface over my existing connection, and a file mounted ISO to the OpenSuse (guest) vm cd-rom.

Had some problems with the software installation and zypper tools trying to connect out to a super slow and flaky internet connection so I ended up using the gui and the skip refresh buttons as soon as there were available.

Install the relevant MySQL packages for your distribution/platform.

Install the correct MySQL rpms:

Create Symlinks from 32 bit libs to the names BF is expecting, this will work for the installation but not for the compiled extensions to Apache that you will need to start the server, so this is not that useful.

ln -sf /usr/lib32/libmysqlclient-??? /usr/lib32/

Now you should be up and running again!