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Sean's Musings as a Service

Example of adding the Formal Process Template to the Scrum in Team Concert 3.0

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The process is documented in the CLM Help Information Center well enough for someone familar with the process ;)

For those of you who have not dabbled with the process configuration source directly this is a new experience so I took some time preparing this for a particular client of mine and thought it would be useful to share.

Following the Information Center I have gone through Step 8, I am holding off on Step 9 because that is really a cop-out, I’ll continue the implementation to completely add the other work item types from the Formal Process Template directly rather than make them anew.

Here is the current zip files, Scrum Process Configuration Source XMLs v1.0, more to come…

Update: 4-Apr-2011

Posted the current template to github, watch it there if you are interested.