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FYI AT&T 8 is very considerate and silently blocks things that could hurt you

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OK, this is after a number of brain numbing days searching for a problem on and off, it appears that At&t knows best about how to protect you from the internets. Thanks but I will go back to an earlier version that did not have this great and so useful “feature”.

So the moral of the story is don’t use your computer remotely via RDP and use the VPN for some reason that is bad? If anyone knows how to circumvent this total and utter crap, please drop me a line.

Here is a post where a supposed At&t rep replies that this is working as designed, I think that this would be a more palatable answer if they did anything to make this visible, at this point my frustration is the only thing that is left after this ordeal, no logging, notification, or indication that this is going on at all, it just happens silently in the background… wtf

Useful Update:

Looks like you can disable this crud at install time with a secret option to a silent MSI install, I was not able to do this on AT&T 8.2 so I am going back to 6.9 where this suck didn’t exist.

C:\> msiexec /i agnc_vpn.msi FIREWALL_STATE=DISABLED